Andrei Zorila, Carp4fun

Andrei Zorila, Carp4fun

Greetings, to All Carp Nations!

I am Andrei Zorila, and along with my colleagues, I am thrilled to address you with this message today. We take great pleasure in introducing Romania and our active role in organizing the European Carp Angling Championship.

Being a part of this project represents a fresh challenge for us, and we are excited to embark on this journey alongside our partners from the nine participating countries. The harmonious combination of skills and shared objectives will undoubtedly elevate ECAC (European Carp Angling Championship) to become the “must-attend” competition in Europe.

With nearly a decade of experience contributing to this phenomenon, we, the members of CARP4FUN, have decided to channel all our energy and expertise into a long-cherished dream.

As for me, Andrei Zorilă, I have harbored a deep passion for this sport since a young age, beginning my angling journey on the banks of the Danube at the tender age of 7. Fishing has always been a passion that reconnects me with nature. In 2013, I decided to infuse a touch of professionalism and unleash my adrenaline by venturing into the sporting arena, officially becoming a co-founder of CARP4FUN. Today, this passion defines me even more, and it has propelled me to develop a multitude of skills.

Proudly, I can attest that I haven’t embarked on this journey alone. I’ve had my colleagues by my side, without whom our accomplishments would not have been possible. We are wholeheartedly committed to this project and pledge to exert every effort within our capacity. Just as we have accustomed all enthusiasts of this sport, we aspire to have Romania, Sacosu Turcesc, and the entire carp angling community in our country shine in the pursuit of a common goal.

We extend our heartfelt wishes for success to all participants in this project, and may their objectives find fruition in 2024.

Welcome to Romania!
Welcome to Sacosu Turcesc!
We hope that this competition is distinguished by FAIR PLAY, and we eagerly anticipate sharing in the joy and camaraderie, as these memories will endure with us forever.

With unwavering passion and enthusiasm, we invite you to join us in creating “INFINITE FISHING ADVENTURES.”