Qualifier 1

Qualifier 1

Rybářský ráj Toušeň, Czech


Times for the start of the event will be sent out in emails to all competitors, along with times for registration

Rybářský ráj Toušeň is around 40 hectares in size, with depths ranging from 1mtr to 6mtr, it is a flooded gravel pit and has access all the way around. A variety of feature make it an interesting lake, you will be inundated with underwater features from bars to plataeus and holes that the Carp use as their feeding areas.

A decent head of Carp are the main species, but it does have a variety of fish, many of the Carp are between 10kg to 20kg and a good number of bites can be had in a day, it is mainly Commons, but there some beautiful mirrors mixed in amongst them.

You can enter this event from any country, you do not need to be Czech to enter this qualifier.

RankTeam NameName 1Name 2Name 3Name 4WeightNo. of FishPeg Number
1CT Čuk a Gek (Czech Republic)Michal HnízdilDaniel HnízdilDavid Popelka1655.511
2SINGLEPLAYER (Czech Republic)Petr NovotnýDavid PražanMarek Sochovič1563.78
3TOP CARP (Czech Republic)Nicolae BuligaMárija Paslerová 1534.110
4LT Baits (Czech Republic)Lukáš TrnkaKarel ŠimekMichal Tsoka798.929
5Leonidas Carp Team (Czech Republic)Petr ProvazníkJan BielešTomáš Dospíva588.511
6CT Magic (Czech Republic)Richard BarátViktor Barát416.955
7CT Palach (Czech Republic)Petr JanštaJan Sviták340.744
8Handy Line (Czech Republic)Mrkvička RostislavJozef HirtJakub Heřmánek 281.166
9Czech-Boilies (Czech Republic)Jan VrbataJosef SlavíkPavel Louženský 252.373
10The Rod Farthers (Czech Republic)Lee BrosterElliott McgintyAneta Neugebauerova169.052
11Jet Fish (Czech Republic)Tomáš TichýJan PeterLubomír Chorovský 121.967